Just finished new game "Big Fish" but have some questions


Just finished new OpenGL game “Big Fish”. It is a story about small fish named Sunny and its adventures in a vast ocean…

Game Features:

  • 3D OpenGL graphics (have a look at screenshots);
  • unique storyline, two different endings;
  • etc.;


Link to Demo Version (7.3 Mb)

However we have faced with some problems:

  1. The game runs slowly on some PC with old video cards (Savage, old ATI, etc.) Is it worth to test video board performance before the game and warns user about outdated video board / drivers?

  2. Some users reported about slow motion of main hero and as a result hard game flow. I would be grateful if you could test it and let us know your opinion. Also please post your system hardware (video board type, CPU).

Also we would be very grateful for any feedback or suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Nice broken links.

Ups, sorry. Now fixed.

nice game,
works fine here p4 2.3 geforce4

about testing for old hardware, pretty much depends on the main client for this game. I guess the average gamer will have a decent card/driver…

Works perfectly with GF6800, AMD64 3200+.

Very nice graphics and sounds, but gameplay looks a bit boring (only played 2 levels). Why not have horizontally larger levels ?

for question 1) : yes. Plus you may disable some fancy stuff like multitexturing if needed.
for question 2) : I find mouse control not really nice, maybe add some kind of cursor to help understand mouse moves ? I can’t feel if it is relative, absolute, or a mix in between… For sure it is non-linear :slight_smile:

Nice game, although I have some problems here:

  1. When I try to change the player name, i get a general protection fault.

  2. When I have my taskbar set to automatically go to the background, I still see the small bar of the background taskbar in the game, and I get a single frame with a black background about once or twice a second.

My computer is a AMD64 3200+ with a GF4 4800 and is running Windows 2000.

I set the resolution and frequency to the same as the desktop, which is 1280x1024, 32 bit, 85 Hz. I don’t get the strange behaviour with the black background with lower resolutions.

Runs bugfree, but is quite boring :wink:

my kids absolutely love this game.

It’s the first one my 4 year old has wanted to try and her eye hand co-ordination is getting a great workout :slight_smile:

Very polished,

Nice remake,

It works pretty good on my GeForceFX 5700Go.
I remember when I donwloaded Feeding Frenzy from Real Arcade one year ago. My little son enjoy the game a lot.

When changing the players name it crashes.

Everything else works fine and runs fast.

Athlon 1,3 GHz 512 MB RAM, Radeon 9600XT, Win XP SP2

The mouse-coordination is a bit strange, it depends only on the direction, not on the speed you move it, doesn’t it? Maybe you should tell people that in the first level.

Anyway, i think it is a very nice game for kids, nice graphics, nice sound, simple enough gameplay. Good work.


Nice, it looks polished. I’m curious, what do you use for modelling & import?