Joystick input in OpenGL

Hey all,

I am new to learning OpenGL. I have managed to import a Liver object into OpenGL. Previously, I have used OpenHaptics to interact with the liver(Used a Phantom Haptic Device). I am now expected to control an instrument in OpenGL with my joystick and make it interact with the Liver. The Joystick code I have looked into are all from 2005 and hence I am not able to run it successfully in my VS2010. It throws errors and I haven’t been able to move forward for a couple of days now. Kindly let me know what needs to be done to carry out what I desire to do.

Thanks in advance

Don’t cross-post (post the same question to multiple threads). And your question doesn’t have anything to do with OpenGL.

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To your question, you’ll probably get more hits if you search,, or some more generalist site. For instance (random websearch hit):

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