JC .plan : Carmack drops OGL in favour of DX9

This one was a real Shock and Awe for me: http://www.webdog.org/cgi-bin/finger.plm?id=1&time=20030401101944
Id delayed the Doom III release because the engine is being rewritten for Direct Graphics 9 and HLSL !!

(…) The DX9 code path was required for X-Box release of the Doom 3. There were also requests from our licencees.

(…) Since the new code path showed 5%-35% performance advantage over any of existing GL paths, it will be used in the PC version too (as default).

(…) Our artist are eager to use HLSL, but it is too late for redesign of the material system.

(…) We have yet to decide whether any GL code will remain in the final build.

R.I.P. OpenGL. Carmack began the era of OGL games, and now Carmack ends it.
Are we all doomed ?

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There supposed to be before noon, don’t you know?
April Fool!

We’re not just doomed. We’re Doom3d .

Happy April Fool’s day.

Originally posted by Korval:
We’re not just doomed. We’re Doom3d .

lol !

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God I also started to cry of laughter and deppression. Deppression because I thought of the possibilities of this happenning… But who would kill his/her own child???

Happy foolish day.

OMG! I actually believed it at first

Heh I knew this was a joke. I know Carmack will stay true to OpenGL, heck it’s mainly b/c of him that OpenGL is in the state it is in now. Plus he is excited about OpenGL 2 and wants to see it turn into something we all can use soon just as we all are (all of us sane people ). I mean Direct 3D 9 is pretty cool and all, I messed w/ it a bit, but OpenGL still r0x0rz your b0x0rz.


I admit this caught me a bit off guard as it is already April 2 here…(Australia)

Originally posted by knackered:
There supposed to be before noon, don’t you know?

10:53am is before noon.

Is April Fools not strictly a U.S. thing? In fact, how did it ever get started?

No april fools is not a US only thing.

A long time ago the new year began on April 1st. Then in 1565 a french king (Charles IX) decided that the new year would begin on January 1st.

People used to give gifts on new year’s day, and so some guys decided to give joke gifts on april 1st as it was not the real new year’s day anymore.


“I found pfPlane but not pfCar !!”

Nice story. Unfortunately, nobody knows how April Fools’ began. Reports of new evidence are actually some of the more famous April Fools’ hoaxes

Unfortunately there where REAL rumors that Carmack attended DX9 conferences and so on, so dont be to sure, such “JOKE” may turn into reality

DX != D3D, Carmack’s defection has been predicted since Microsoft’s Alex St.John visited him to persuade him to use D3D before DX4. Alex St.John’s Wild Tangent ended up supporting OpenGL and Carmack still hasn’t released anything that uses D3D.

Even if Carmack makes the move (he won’t IMHO) would it change a line of OpenGL code in your applications? Would it change a single function in existing drivers?

A while back Brian Hook said D3D has the edge because of OpenGL’s vendor specific extension issues and D3D’s convergence, he may think the ballance has shifted back with the release of ARB fragment program & other vendor neutral extensions. I don’t know.

You should be looking at options and making those decisions for yourself. Carmack was useful as a solid datapoint that demonstrated with certainty that Microsoft were full of crap back when they were FUDing the graphics community to try and own it’s future. Make your own data points and decisions.

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Hey Dorbie, you are right - but OpenGL stands íts weight on the pillars of its users - the stronger the pillars, the less likely it is to get eaten and crapped out by Microsoft.

Of course, with Linux growing every day, OpenGL can expect a good future, not a worse one. I believe GL went through a few problems over the last year or so, probably because 2.0 was still being mulled over. I’m sure a few design decisions were taken that have moved some GL products into D3D. But I guess with 2.0 being effectively out now, those decisions will favour GL again.

Originally posted by CGameProgrammer:
Is April Fools not strictly a U.S. thing?

Think of history: (Old) Europeans came to the american continent only a few hundred years ago. So they already had a lot of habits. They didn´t invent them.

Damn, my knees are still shaking…


Originally posted by M/\dm/
Unfortunately there where REAL rumors that Carmack attended DX9 conferences and so on, so dont be to sure, such “JOKE” may turn into reality

Check his .plan http://webdog.org/cgi-bin/finger.plm?id=1&time=20030130011231

Trying to keep boneheaded-ideas-that-will-haunt-us-for-years
out of Direct-X is the primary reason I have been attending the Windows
Graphics Summit for the past three years, even though I still code for OpenGL.