java with openGL

I’m the begineer of using openGL
what should i do if i use SDK java to use openGL
what are advantages and disadvantages for me to use java with openGL?
I know that there are a java 3d package for java , compare with openGL ,which one is better?

Hi !

If you want to use OpenGL with java I would suggest you try gl4java:

This is a JNI interface to java, Java3D is something completley different, it does not have much to do with OpenGL expect that you can run it ontop of OpenGL, but it also works on Direct3D, it is high level API with a complete scenegraph, you might be interested in it, but as I said it’s a different thing working on a much higher level then OpenGL with scenegraph object loaders, behavior built in and so on.


I too, highly recommend . I have found it very easy and logical to use. It is also very easy to package all the required libraries needed for viewing on any opengl based machine (with a copy a java runtime)…I use batch files to do this, and this removes the need for installation of any problematic extra libraries, setting extra paths in the classpath…blah…blah… I strongly suggest you give it a try!



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I can heartily recommend the “other” OpenGL binding for Java that is commonly used today - LWJGL:

It is still in Alpha, but is maturing rapidly. Commercial-quality games are already being developed with it. I believe it currently supports the entire OpenGL 1.4 spec.

The purpose of the library is to turn a PC into a console - you get a full-screen OpenGL-capable window, OpenAL for audio and a collection of input APIs.