Java Wireframe to OpenGL

Java had a cute wireframe modeller, which modelled a cube, dino, ship and chopper. Any one have any idea what ‘f’ and ‘fo’ mean in those obj files. They are driving me nuts. I thought f stood for a face and tried GL_LINE_LOOP on a trio of vertices. It doesn’t work. :frowning:

Any help will be appreciated.

a link to those files please ?

Any help will be appreciated.

Regarding to the structure of the file, the first float values are all the vertex data marked by a ‘v’ marker prefix. Each of them is at an incremented index (first v group is index 1, next is index 2 and so on). Next, after each ‘fo’ marker, you have the 3 indices of each face.

If you draw triangles with following the indices in order, you’ll have your dinosaur :slight_smile:

Finally, I could easily found some doc about that format:

It says that the marker ‘f’ is for indices, but your file seems to use ‘fo’. So you’ll have to take care of that difference on other files.

That must help