Java and OpenGL

I been learning Java for a few months now and i have to do a project using Java and OpenGL. I undertsnad that i have to use GL4Java but after downloading everything how do i use it? For Java i used to use Textpad but i dont understand exactly what i’ve downloaded and how to run it. can someone please help? do i just start coding in textpad and then its referenced to the folder where i install GL4Java or is GL4Java a whole new program with a differetnt gui?

I haven’t used GL4Java, but I would assume that you just need to include the package/JAR file in your CLASSPATH so that when you reference it, it can be found. Other than that, all I can suggest is to try and read any documentation that might have come with it.

BTW, TextPad rocks. I use it for Java, PHP, XML, SQL, Perl, and occasionally C/C++ when I am just doing something for the gnu compiler and don’t feel like opening up VC++. -> the best java ide ever.
fast, a bit textpad like^^, much cool features, and VERY easy to use.

Hi !

Yes, gl4java is just a jar file (and a couple of dll’s) that adds OpenGL support to Java, you still have to create a Java application to use it.

If you havn’t run the web-installer, then you need to install the files manually, this is no big deal, there is a readme file the explains where you should put the filea, and there are a number of example applications included.