Its been 10 years, what's a shader ?

Just kidding. I’ve gotten pretty deep into DirectX10 in the last year, all shaders. Looking forward to moving back to opengl after doing some flight sim work in OpenGL 10 years back!

Welcome back :slight_smile:

Be sure to read the OpenGL wiki, lots of modern stuff here with GL 3+.

Thanks for the welcome, zbuffer.

Well, this first snag wasn’t bad, I think.
My physics world and my directx are right hand coordinate systems. I think I want to keep this.
However, I reason that I can get away with hand coding the projection matrix to flip the z coordinate, and still use my right handed system. Everything else is a wash, I believe?
[Edit] I see the wiki suggests adding this ‘flip’ to the view matrix instead of the projection matrix…Perhaps I will run into difficulty with the fixed functionality shading/etc… otherwise? Will have to think about this…

Also, what a pleasure to have immediate mode rendering for debug!!! With (-other graphics api here-) I had to have my whole mesh -> vertex buffer object and simple shader objects alive before I could get some basic debug objects up!!!