Issue regarding VS2012 and Learning Modern Graphics Programming Tutorial

Hello! I am currently working in the vs2012 environment, and going through “Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming” by Jason L. McKesson.

Okay, first things first:

Following the “Building the Tutorials” page, I successfully created vs2010 project files for the OpenGL SDK using premake4, updated them in vs2012 and successfully built and compiled them to get the libraries referenced in the first tutorial. I then did the same for the first tutorial, creating vs2010 solution files and updating them in vs2012, successfully building and compiling them.

My issue:

When I decide to run the first tutorial in the vs2012 environment, I get a popup that states “Unable to start the program ‘[my path]\Tutorial 0.3.8\framework\lib\frameworkD.lib’.”, and the program will not run. The file exists in that directory. All libraries required to run these tutorials (presumably) exist and are linked to properly, and I receive zero errors or warnings with the compiler level set to 3 when building the solution.

I’m aware that premake4 supports vs2010, not vs2012, but I’ve been able to update vs2008 solutions that come with the OpenGL SuperBible files and run the tutorials successfully in vs2012 so I figured this wouldn’t be an issue. (I’m reading that book and the tutorial concurrently)

Thanks in advance for any help offered.

You’re trying to execute the library, not the actual executable file. You need to select the specific project you want to run, right-click it, and select “Set as Startup Project.”

The More You Know

Thanks, that did it!

For anyone else having this issue in the future, my solution was made up of two projects, “framework” and “Tut 01 Main”. Selecting “Set as Startup Project” on the context menu for the “Tut 01 Main” project solved this problem.