Is there an up-to-date nvparse?

I’ve had a frustrating day here banging out some new rendering code. I really like using nvparse, but the latest one that I could find on nvidia’s web site doesn’t seem to have support for vertex program 1.1 or texture shader 3 (at least).

Anyone know if there is an up-to-date nvparse and if so, where I can get it?



You could try


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Nope, that one also tells me that I must be using VP1.0, TS1.0, or RC1.0

Is nvparse no longer being updated?

Hah, and nvparse is the only way to get Cg to work with opengl! Nice one, NVidia!

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You only need nvparse to use fragment programs compiled with the dx8ps Cg profile in OpenGL. And for that, nvparse has just recently been updated to support DX pixel shaders version 1.1, which is what the dx8ps Cg profile compiles to.