Is there an alternative for opengl32.dll

Currently I am using Delphi and Windows to make an OpenGL application. By default the OpenGL32.dll is used. Is it possible to switch to another dll to enhance performance?


AFAIK, you can’t. This is the default driver for it. Or if you don’t have good performance maybe it means you haven’t installed properly your graphic card drivers.

There are alternative software-based implementation (with MESA3D being the best one). But enhancing performance? Make sure you have a decent 3d card, recent drivers and an accelerated rendering context.

I have a GForce 9600GT with 1GB memory.
So all have to do is to call the Opengl32.dll and that’s it?

With enhancing performance I ment to get a higher refresh rate but I think my monitor is the bottleneck. The highest refresh rate I am getting is 60Hz. I have a HP LP3065.

The 9600GT has so nice specs but with the wrong monitor you are getting nowhere.

I don’t know the exact name but if I have more than one OpenGL windows my refresh rate drops.
The Refresh rate for one window is 60Hz. Refresh rate with two windows is 60/2 Hz, and so on. So if I have 4 OpenGL windows the max refresh rate per window is 15Hz.

Maybe this has nothing to do with the driver and is it my programming. It is just a demo so I have plenty to do to correct this :slight_smile:


Are you sure that you have the latest drivers installed?

The opengl32.dll works as a kind of gateway between your application and the real driver, if you don’t have the proper one installed, it drops to the software rendering one available on Windows.

I have the latest driver of Nvidia installed.
But I think I am at the limit of the videocards capabilities.

The resolution is 2560 x 1600.
So 60Hz is the max.
My monitor cannot show more than 60 frames per sec.

Too bad that with two opengl windows on one desktop the refresh rate drops to 30Hz per window.

Try disabling vsync, to check the max perf without waiting for refresh.

Although I cannot use another dll than OpenGL32.dll can I use hardware acceleration?

hardware acceleration is transparently provided by driver at runtime :

Look for performance bottlenecks in your program first, I really doubt it comes from opengl32 dll if you have the latest drivers installed.

It sounds like you have vsync enabled and you are swapping for all the windows in a row. Each time you swap it waits for a frame. So 1 window will go 60hz, 2 30hz, 3 20hz, and 4 15hz. Try turning off vsync and make sure the swapping code is in good order.