is there a way to store whats drawn to the screen?

I want to reuse a quad with a texture on it even after I’ve turned off a boolean variable that draws the quad.

is there a way to do this?

I could draw it to another buffer then switch too it but doing that would delete my hole quad/texture graphical user interface.

I thought about using depth but then the layout of my quads wouldn’t work as I expected it would require masses of drawing at once.

I’m using OpenGL 3.3/GLSL 330/C++

this is what I want to achieve by the end of this

I don’t really see what your problem is.
You can use glvertex2f and glTranslatef and draw your quads where ever you want with what ever texture you need.

looking at your diagram, I would say you need a texture for each picture. You can create as many textures as you like. To draw one of you pictures you set a texture active and render the quad. There is no need to delete the textures until there are no longer need for rendering.