Is there a way to access the SSBO from a geometry shader?

I have an SSBO example. A vertex shader is declared as such:

#version 460

layout(std430, binding = 0) buffer TVertex
   vec4 vertex[]; 

uniform mat4  u_mvp;
uniform vec2  u_resolution;
uniform float u_thickness;

void main()

So from what I understand the array (vertex[]) can be accessed in the vertex shader like vertex[0] or vertex[1] each returning a vec4 type. So since I am drawing points with glDrawArrays what I really would like to do is access the SSBO array (vertex[]) from directly in a geometry shader so I can enumerate triangles. Is there a way to access such an SSBO array directly from a geometry shader? How might such a scenario be set up with shader code?

The way a shader accesses an SSBO has nothing to do with which shader stage it is. It uses the same mechanisms: binding to an SSBO index bind point, declaring a storage block, etc. It’s all identical.

Now if you want this SSBO to be a different one from one in a different stage, then they need to use different binding indices. But other than that, everything is the same.