Is there a list of OpenGL 3.x commands?

i should explain that i’m new to OpenGL. what i’m hoping for is to just create for OpenGL 3.x only. so to cut down on my confusion while learning. i realy could do with a list that only covers all the commands needed just to use OpenGL 3.x.

(i imagine commands is probably the wrong word to use.)

the 3.2 core spec is gold. if you are new to gl the spec might seem a tad terse at first but you’ll get used to it. also there’s the quick ref cards, all of which are available from the registry.

Go here for a quick reference card:

Full specs available from here:

And to get started directly with GL 3.x (“hello world”) there are nice wiki pages here :

thank you all for the response. i’ll look them over.

Zbuffer do you always have to create a temp 2.1 context before creating a 3.x context?

Yes, this a limitation of the WGL API.