Is that possible

i just want to know that if i load the bmp file like university corridore can i move in that corridore?.

If you mean that you load a 2D image and ask that can you move in the image in depth way, you must be joking.
But, I saw one cool site where was made a skybox out of 6 textures taken from a boat cabinet, so you could turn around and see the boat.

Try the function glLoadCorridoorFromBmpFileAndMoveAround(sFilename);

Where sFilename is the path to your bmp file.

Hah! Very funny ) . I think I should be looking for a function glCreateAndRunQuake4();
that would be useful wouldn’t it .

i think this one is helpful also:

glPleaseLoadAndRenderMy3DStudioMaxFile(char *filename);

Guy’s you need to read the new program that is posted on the main page…

EPHERE 3D, creates 3D objects from 2D images… just what the guy is looking for.

How about

void glThisIsAnOpenGLHelpForumNotABadJokeForum(void);

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I like the last one the best by far. But if I could write any function i wanted it would be.