Is OpenGL the way to go on developing a 3d engine for mobile phones?

Hi, i want to develop a 3d engine for mobile phones and i want to know if OpenGL is what i need or is there something else? And how do i get started? any references that i can use will be great. Thanks, Hope you guys can help.

The correct way to go is to use OpenGL ES. This is a version of OpenGL that is stripped of a lot of stuff not needed or supported on mobile devices. Look here for more information:

Ok, thanks for the reply. But what about J2ME? Which is better opengl es or j2me?

I think you should programming in 3d for mobiles (NOKIA mobiles) in Mobile3d. This is a java API.
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If your chosen language is Java then perhaps. JSR-184 (Moble3D) basically wraps OpenGL ES and provides an immediate mode API pretty directly through to those calls.

Saying this is the way to do 3D on phones is just nonsense, it’s a good choice for J2ME developers.