Is OpenGL Ready for Gaming???

Hi GL-Gyes!
Im developing a small shooting game, but I dont know how to generate my OpenGL-Objects?!
I cant make a game with sourcecode only, there are too many big romms and figures.
Is there any programm wich vcan output the OpenGL-Object so that I can use it in my code??
Please help?
PS: I´m Linux user, so the programm must run on Linux!

I think perhaps you are misunderstanding what OpenGL is - it is NOT 3D Studio max. You don’t create objects in OpenGL - OpenGL just draws them. You must create the objects elsewhere in your source, or read them in from a file. That part is entirely up to you - there are numerous sites that can help you develop and read in objects from files on the disk, and set them up in a format that OpenGL can use (i.e. vertex arrays, triangle strips, etc.)

Hope this helps (and that I understood what you were asking!)


Yes thanks!
But I need a programm wich can create OpenGL-Code for me and runs under Linux!
Can Blender do this Job for me?
PS: Thanks for your answer!

Opengl is a crossplatform api, so it can run on most platforms, especially linux. I’m not for sure, but I don’t think Blender has any export capabilities and it has a terrirble interface, it’s mostly hotkeys. I think the only thing it does have is efficiency with scripting, I know my friend did some stuff with Python scripts. And I don’t know anything that will generate opengl code, pretty sure you’ll just have to learn it.

Hi clemi,
you can try using a software named 3DEXPLORER.
try search about it.
It is a 3D model loader…
after you have finish creating the object using 3D MAX, you can export it to 3DExplorer.
After that, you can process the 3D MAX model using 3DEXplorer , so that the output will be a .cpp file (source code).
This file can be manipulated using OpenGL and C.
The source code will contain enormous numbers of vertex, polygons, faces, material properties etc…
That’s all for now.