Is OpenGL Programming Same as VRML Programming

I am starting out to design a program in VRML. I am just wondering, is OpenGL itself a programming language or specification like VRML? What’s the difference? Can I program in VRML and view the files without ever knowing anything about OpenGL?


Opengl is a specification for 2D and 3D graphics application programming. AFAIK, VRML is just a data format to describe a 3D scene that allow basic interactivity between users and 3D objects.

VRML is completly different from Opengl. For instance, Opengl may be used to program a VRML viewer.


So you can write a vrml file without having any knowledge about Opengl and then visualize it with one of the vrml viewer available.
With VRML, you just describe the scene, with Opengl you go at a lower level, managing for example, vertices transformation, texturing, lighting, etc…

Opengl is a specification of the API of a library. Drivers come with an implementation of those specs.
VRML is a file-format much like HTML (programmed by javascript and its own set of API)

API-spec != file-format != programming-language :slight_smile:
Yes, you can program in VRML without knowing anything about opengl.

Thanks you guys. That explains it.


Am I in the wrong forum then if I need syntax help developint VRML applications? I presume I am?


“VRML is dead-born since 10 years ago.
try X3D or Collada for modern formats.”
And no, here is not the right forum for any of these 3 file formats.