Is OpenGL loosing to Direct3D


I was looking at a poll about API of choice at and available choices were opengl, directx,m glide and software rendering… and the result was…

OpenGL = 12%
software = 0.2%
Glide = 0.8%
and Direct3D = 86.6%

I’m feeling that my API of choice is dying…


Heh don’t worry, gl has always been the less “popular” api but it will never die. Not unless SGI dies (how??)
Besides, they have the biggest graphics hardware company in the world backing the api. But don’t underestimate Direct3d as it is an awesome api too. I just like Opengl cuz its not as Microsoft as direct3d

Perhaps they mixed OpenGL and Direct3d?
The result is surprising…
OpenGL will not die as long as hardware manufacturers is supporting it and the community is alive. Judging from the net does it seems to be an increasing and never ending interest. The hw support also seems to be better and better.

In my opinion is Direct3D not awesome and really bad for small projects. The lack of documentation is also a big problem. It is better for some stuff but I think that the future of OpenGL depends on how succesful nvidia and ati is in making standard solutions.

I would not worry too much about it anyway.

I saw that poll at Demonews as well, and was disappointed.

However, you’ve got to realize that the average user visiting that site is basically your typical gamer, who doesn’t have any experience programming, and probably doesn’t really know the difference between opengl and directx.

Are you forgetting the professional market? Anyone seen Direct3D on the professional market yet? Ok, seen professional cards support Direct3D, but I think OpenGL is, maybe not the only, but the major player on the professional market.

And I agree with yakuza, you must remember that it’s a gaming site. And among the gaming developers, Direct3D is bigger than OpenGL.

Which brings me to my next question…
Why is OpenGL losing to direct3D in gamming market.

Well, think about it…Does SGI ever produce games? Do they even bother to market their api to game developers? I doubt it… On the other hand, Microsoft does all these. Even Carmack and the id geniuses have been finally converted to Direct3D (bless them all, even if they start using cobol
Another reason might be that Direct3D is a part of Directx, and most games use DirectX for everything (Sound, graphics, control, networking etc.) so its one big bundle for developers and they feel right at home with it.
But As one of our buddies stated above, opengl is the major player in the professional market. And I wouldn’t be worried about it, as long as your visuals are quality, nobody’s gonna ask you “why didn’t you use Direct3D?? whats wrong with you??”
Another note; GLIDE…Rest in peace.

yakuza made a very good point. If I were a average hardcore gamer I would most hear about is Direct3d… but I aint and Opengl rules. Then you have to take into consideration that all the recent Nvidia cards supported mainly DirectX, and that all those new games always need a new version of DirectX so those gamers just generally hear about it more, so that why they voted for it.

Serious sams graphics absolutly rocked, a perfect example of what Opengl can do.

Personally I think D3D should be scrapped. And M$oft should start addressing their issues with OpenGL. Apple have finally given in to the superior API over their own, which means, MAC wise, OpenGL is gonna get bigger. Winblows version of OpenGL is still at 1.1!! It is pretty obvious that Micocrock, are stalling this deliberatly to try and tempt developers over to their API. It’s a big power thing. They want everyone to use their stuff, so that that can control it all.

Personally I’d rather have an API that is goverened by the ARB, rather than just one company that isn’t really synonimous with the words “quality software”!!!

The only reason it’s any good now, is cos they plagerised all the good stuff from other API’s.

Whats this about id giving into D3D? I thought Doom 3 was still being done in OpenGL?


i had a look at the site + its an end users site not a developers one.

>>Whats this about id giving into D3D? I thought Doom 3 was still being done in OpenGL?<<

unless id have done an aboutface in the last week doom3 is still gonna be done in opengl.

>>Nutty: Personally I’d rather have an API that is goverened by the ARB, rather than just one company that isn’t really synonimous with the words “quality software”!!!

Have a look at the notes from the ARB meeting from September last year. It’s saying something about a DLL under ARB control to use instead of MS’s opengl32.dll. I don’t fully understand the whole thing, but maybe thats what you are requesting.

What was Psyche on about then?

Bob, that isn’t what I was initially refering to. More than, with OpenGL, ideas have to be passed before a board of members including great minds like SGI, nvidia, IBM etc… wheras with D3D, M$ can put any crack pot idea in they like really, and theres no one to stop them.

I’d rather trust my graphics API to the likes of the ARB about what is good, and what is not, than M$.

As for your comments, wasn’t it SGI that mentioned something about re-doing opengl.dll for win32 platform, and getting it up to speed? To stop the likes of M$, from dragging it’s feet any further with it.


Oops, I got confused there
When I watched the Doom 3 demo, the description said somethings about the Direct3D capabilities of the geforce 3 etc.
I never actually listened to the initial presentation so i jumped to a conclusion out of sheer panic
Doom 3 is indeed opengl and man doesn’t it look fabulous!

OpenGL has the opportunity to become the primary graphics API because it is cross platform and its specification is defined by peer group consensus.

Given that the future is set to introduce more hardware devices that are not DirectX based, OpenGL could well over take DX as long as hardware manufacturors support it.

That would make my day!

I’m a Macintosh user so I believe that OpenGL is here to stay, at least for me. Its quite obvious that I wont be able to use Direct3D or any other DirectX API so OpenGL is definatly the way to go.

As someone mentioned before, Apple decided to axe their QuickDraw3D API to use OpenGL instead, which is definatly the best move on their part. Plus the new Mac OS X has OpenGL built in as part of the OS itself, not just a simple library. :slight_smile:


Ummm, that website is for Game PLAYERS not Game DEVELOPERS, i think. OpenGL is not only for the proffessional industry, but also for the games industry. Some of the most popular games were made in OGL (all the quake series, Half-Life, and Counter Strike based on HL engine). Direct3D might be more popular, but OpenGL is better and isnt dying. Id actually say Direct3D is on the way down while OGL is on the way up in the games industry.

OpenGL is still very easy to learn and well documented API.
So I believe it will be around for a long time. This forum is a proof of that!

DirectX is slow, or is my opengl fast :->

DirectX is 3 Times slower than OpenGL in every game, but opengl dont work in some( DeusEX) …

I am getting to release a product I developed using OpenGL. A colleague of mine asked me I chose OpenGL over Direct3D–or whatever Microsoft is calling it this week–and my response was portablility. I can easily port my product to all operating systems supporting OpenGL, in addition to Real Time Operating Systems (a different flavor of OpenGL is being used, but close enough). I mention RTOSs because I strongly believe this is an emerging market.

I will almost bet the farm the Direct3D will go through a number of gyrations before Microsoft gets it right, unless of course they use OpenGL as a ‘guide’. Evidence of this how they handled applications interfacing with databases (DAO, RDO, and ADO).

I allude to MS using OpenGL as a guide because “when was the last time MS innovated a product and or technology?”

I’m sticking with OpenGL and will never paint myself into a corner by using Microsoft technology.