Is it possible to find the dimension and the depth of an image? and compare 2 imgs?

Hi, I’m new to OpenGL.

I’m kind of forced to use OpenGL for my project. There are several things I should do with my project.

  1. I have to have two input images, both of them MUST be a bmp file, 640X480, 24bit

  2. I have to find the differences between two images

  3. I have to create a new BW bmp file (640X480 and 24bits) indicating the differences.

I was using OpenCV but I could not find a way to check if both input images are 24-bit images.
Also, I could not save the image as a 24-bit BMP file.

I would like to know if those 3 tasks would be doable with OpenGL.


OpenGL has absolutely nothing to do with image files or image formats. It will not help you in the slightest with your task.

You maybe can use the wxWidgets library. There are various functions included that do things like this. Just look in the references concerning wxImage, wxBitmap and wxMemoryDC which are easy to find with your favorit search-engine :wink: