is it possible to draw vertex arrays inside of a display list ?

The OpenGL SuperBible says that yes, but MSDN says that no. Who’s right ?

Thanks !

Have you tried it yet? A simple program should give you an answer, right?

Anyways, you can build a display list from a vertex array, but the vertex array itself will not be used when calling the display list. When calling a vertex array when building a display list, as if you want to add it to the list, the vertex array is derefferenced, and the vertex data is moved from the array and placed in the display list. So after the display list is built from the vertex array, the array is no longer used, and you can safely delete it.

Well I’ve tried it and I gain +1% speed when compiling a display list. So it’s likely that it’s possible to compile a display list with calls to glInterleavedArrays and to glDrawElements inside of it.

But on MSDN say they say in many different places the opposite. I find such an error incredible : Microsoft is supposed to be a member of the ARB ! (although it has made no contribution since, er, 1996 I think…)

Why didn’t you look in the OpenGL specification? That document contain the correct information.