Is it OK to redistribute OpenGL man pages?

I’ve created some palm docs out of OpenGL man pages and I use them all the time. I’m wondering if it’s OK to post them on my website… would I be going against anyone’s copyright?

It’s just the exact text of the gl and glu man pages with hyperlinks and reformatted a little bit to look good on a palm. Does anyone know who I should contact to find out for sure?

Hey, i’m not sure if you should contact them or not, but i mean if you explicitly give them credit, then I don’t think it would be a problem.

Who’s “them”? I’m such a newbie… I don’t even know who own’s the copyright on opengl’s man pages.

I’m like you, I doubt anyone would care. Still, I guess I’d better make an effort to find out for sure.

sorry about that. ‘Them’ is reffering to the OpenGL Architecture Review Board. They are comprised of basically all the major computer companies (microsoft, nvidia, 3dlabs, ATI, etc). That is the reason i think this would be ok if you give the ARB board the credit. Also, you could go to or someplace like that to find out who the writers of the book were. Give them credit too. Since this is the official OpenGL book, ARB edits and review it but there are a few people that actually write the book.

  • Halcyon

Thanks, Halcyon. I emailed my question to and got this response (which, I guess, wraps this up)…

Hi Scott,

That's fine. The man pages are under the same "SGI Free Software B" license as the other code and docs found at

The FreeB license is BSD-style and certainly permits this use. We would of course appreciate appropriate credit to SGI.