Is glut similar ug or egl and can be replaced each other?

I want to know what is the relationship among the glut , egl and ug. Are they act for the same role and can be replaced each other?In linux console i want to use gl+glut+nano-x,is this will work well?

I have no idea what “ug” is. EGL is an API for creating OpenGL (ES, mostly, although some people have tried implementing it with desktop GL as well) contexts and connecting them to rendering surfaces. GLUT is a user level library which abstracts away a lot of the details of using APIs like EGL or the older GLX (X Windows specific) or WGL (Windows specific) which serve the same purpose as EGL. GLUT is typically used for writing small demos and tutorial apps, though that’s not all it’s good for.

All these pieces of software are interrelated. I don’t know what “nano-X” is either, other than (preusmably) some sort of stripped-down X server. But in order to use OpenGL (or ES) with it, you need a GL implementation that understands how nano-X works. That will probably be accompanied by an EGL or GLX implementation that also talks to nano-X. And you may be able to find a version of GLUT that runs on top of OpenGL+{EGL|GLX}+nano-X.

But the bottom line is that you’re asking a very specific question in a general forum. I think you’ll be better off finding the user forums for nano-X, or whatever other support mechanism it has, and asking there.

I have no idea what “ug” is. [/quote]
You should, actually, because it’s a download from this web site… :wink:

Concerning the original question: David Blyth had packaged a little helper library called “ug” with the OpenGL ES 1.0 reference implementation in order to facilitate porting of the redbook examples. It is somewhat of a subset of glut and sits on top of egl and some native OS APIs. You’d probably want to use glutes over ug these days.

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