Is changing coding necessary with different graphics cards?

I am wondering about graphics cards, because I noticed on my computer the display on what I run through Visual Studio comes out different than on another computer.

For example, when coding I have to move gluOrtho2D() after doing all the primitives, not before like on other computers.

On my computer, if I have it before, what is displayed is too small; but when I move it to the end just before the glFlush(), it looks the way it should.

Why did I have to move it for it to look right? Is my graphics card just different, or what?

Plus, I also noticed that when setting vertices to different colors, the colors blend differently on my computer versus on another computer. I am figuring my graphics card has something to do with that as well.

The graphics card on my computer is an Intel HD Graphics 3000, and the driver for it is uptodate.

P.S. When working with openGL in Linux, it does the same thing where what is displayed is too small. That is the main reason why I assumed for sure that my graphics card was the issue when coding.

Graphics cards’ drivers certainly work differently depending on the vendor, but you have more serious problems in your code that should be fixed

gluOrtho2d() should be called before primitives to affect the pipeline. So, if it works on your computer it cheats you by reordering execution.

Maybe you should provide some code to help us understand what happens. As with the previous case, some kind of reordering happens.

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