iPhone Simulator

Hi guys, long time no posts! Im sure that most of you do like me and convert all their code to be compatible with the latest iPhone SDK… probably… now my question is: how accurate the performance is on that simulator, does it really emulate the iPhone properly? I mean I don’t have one to test really but… the FPS on the simulator seems to be too good to be true… is there anybody that had the chance to test on the real device and can comment on the performance of a real iPhone vs the simulator?

Cheers guys!

Please read the documentation that came with the SDK.

such as which file in particular? all I found is they say it “mirror” but in practice what does that mean :wink:

Most likely the iPhone GLES simulator is just the native OpenGL renderer with additional error checking and some functions removed (immediate mode, etc).

So your code will be running full speed on the desktop GPU, the actual performance of the iPhone GPU will be significantly different.

if you had the spec figures for the iphone (million-tris-per-second etc.) and you’re getting significantly better performance in your ‘simulator’ then you have your answer.

There’s a document under iPhone OS Programming Guide -> Graphics and Drawing -> Drawing with OpenGL ES. There it has the info on the real hardware as well as the simulator.