Introducing Regal...

Hello all,

We’d like to bring attention to our new, up and coming Open Source project -
aimed at making OpenGL a better development experience and improving the
portability of OpenGL code.

Some of the broader goals of Regal are:
[li]User-space OpenGL layer - use as much or as little as needed[/li][li]OpenGL 4.2 compatibility API[/li][li]Target desktop GL, core context, mobile platforms (ES)[/li][li]Debugging features such as logging, capture and state inspection[/li][/ul]

Current status:
[li]OpenGL 4.2 API completeness[/li][li]Emulation for fixed-function lighting, direct state access, immediate mode, push/pop attrib[/li][li]Application and driver call logging including input parameters[/li][li]An embedded HTTP server for interactive inspection (prototype stage)[/li][li]Some useful Regal-specific extensions for querying available extensions and so on[/li][li]Can be used as a drop-in opengl32.dll alternative, or a regal32.dll layer[/li][li]Supporting Windows x86/x64, Mac i686/x86_64, Linux x86/x86_64, iOS, Android[/li][li]Python code generator and API databases included - fix, extend fix or customize as needed[/li][/ul]

Comments, feedback or git forks are entirely welcome.

  • Nigel Stewart

Hooray! I don’t have any questions. :wink:

This seems to be a great thing to teach and learn OpenGL with. I might use it in a video tutorial series sometime.

Regal now supports OpenGL 4.3.

  • Nigel