Interleaved VBO

Hi all, in my IOS app Im getting a message with instruments
Instruments message -> Your application used non-interleaved vertex arrays in static vertex buffer objects (VBOs)
Everything renders perfect, but I just want to get rid of the message

the thing is Im pretty sure I am using interleaved VAs,

glGenBuffers(1, &vertexbufferID);
glBindBuffer( GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, vertexbufferID );
glBufferData( GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, num_verts*vertexstructuresize, V, usage );

glBindArrayBuffer( vertexbufferID );
for ( int i=0; i<size; ++i ) {
glVertexAttribPointer( buffers[i].attribType, buffers[i].itemSize, GL_FLOAT, false, vertexstructuresize, (void*)buffers[i].vertexstructureoffset );

glBindElementBuffer( indexbufferID );
glDrawElements( GL_TRIANGLES, mesh_num_indices, GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT, (void*)0 );

PS - whats the best IOS forum for things OPENGL ES related?

ta zed

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