Intensity problem with multi-texturing

I have encountered an intensity problem when using multi-texturing (glMultitextureARB) on a GF3 card and I hope someone here can offer some good advice on fixing it. I created a simple application to display a textured quad and wrapped the quad and its rendering modes up in a class. The rendering modes are SinglePass, MultiPass, and MultiTexture … go figure what they do …

The problem is that the multi-pass version shows up exactly like I wish while the multi-textured version does not. I have documented this problem in detail at the following URL. You can see snapshots of the three versions and download the project, source code, textures, and DLLs a this link if you are really interested in helping.

Any advice on how to brighten up the multi-textured version procedurally (no doctoring of the lightmap image) would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance…

For your multipass version, the blending functions you have chosen work out to an equation of 2 * texture0 * texture1. The multitexture version is simply texture0 * texture1. To make them look the same, you can either choose a blending function for the multipass version that’s equivalent to texture0 * texture1, or you could modify the multitexture version.

Changing the multipass version would be simpler - a blending function of glBlendFunc(GL_DST_COLOR, GL_ZERO) should work. Or you should be able to use the EXT_texture_env_combine or ARB_texture_env_combine extensions to create a blending function of 2 * texture0 * texture1 in your multitextured version.


My goal is more to make the multi-textured version appear as bright as the multipass version so changing the blending function of the multipass version isn’t what I need. I will read up on the ARB_texture_env_combine extension and see if I can figure out how to do this. Thanks for the help.

Excellent, Excellent, thank you very much sir …

This was the trick I needed …