Intel HD Graphics - no OpenGL Extension support?

Hello, I just bought a brand new Sony VAIO VPCY21S1E laptop with an Intel HD Graphics card, however the machine is nearly totally useless to me because it does not appear to support basic OpenGL extensions.

I’ve installed the latest graphics card drivers from intel (version, and it says they are all installed and working properly, however I still have only 3 OpenGL extensions supported: “GL_EXT_bgra”, “GL_EXT_paletted_texture”, and “GL_WIN_swap_hint”.

At this rate it looks like I’ll be putting my new laptop straight onto ebay. :frowning:

Do not be so fast with putting your laptop onto ebay.

How do you know that you have only 3 extensions supported?
What OS are you using?

It is obvious that something is wrong with your setup because this card supports at least OpenGL 2.1

I’m running windows 7, 64 bit.

I’m running OpenGL extension viewer. It says I only have OpenGL 1.1 supported.

I’ve installed the latest drivers from Intel in 3 separate different ways, all with the same results: it says that the drivers are up to date, and that they are working properly, and after I install them my resolution automatically goes up and the graphics card appears to be detected, however I still have almost no OpenGL support.

I’ve run out of things to try. :frowning:

I’ve wasted a whole day trying to get this to work now, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Intel HD + my current chipset simply does not support OpenGL properly. Everything indicates that the graphics card drivers are installed just fine - I even get Intel’s little graphics card utility which allows me to adjust the various settings. I’ve tried installing older versions of the drivers too, all with the same results.

The laptop is now packed and ready to go back to Amazon for a refund.

So, can anyone recommend a small, light laptop with a long battery life and decent OpenGL support?

Look for any laptop with ATI or NVIDIA GPU.

This is definitely wrong, and it seems to me that you have an OEM driver that’s preventing installation of the correct Intel driver (which does support OpenGL 2.1). Look for instructions for the “have disk” method of driver installation on Intel’s website to resolve this.

Overall though, and if you want quality and well-performing OpenGL support, you’re certainly better off not having an Intel.

Well, I’m going to have one last-ditch attempt: I’m going to pop to the shops now to buy a 4gb USB stick so that I can reinstall Windows 7. I will then attempt to freshly install the intel drivers, with nothing else to interfere. If this doesn’t work, I’ll pull out a few hairs, swear fervently, then pack the little devil into it’s box and mail it back to Amazon.

Woot! The fresh install did the trick. Full support up to 2.1, and 70% at 3.0.

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