Intel HD driver and gl3.h

OS: Linux Mint 13, Maya
I am trying to update OpenGL on my laptop wich has Intel HD graphics on it I my current version is 3.0 and after about 3 days of dooing nothing else I got a update on Mesa to 9.1 now I need at least OpenGL 3.1 but how to update it well as far as I know the internet is stumped can anyone tell me what drivers I need to update in order to get the latest OpenGL on Intel HD

now when I try to compile i get
/usr/local/include/GL/glfw.h:174:23: fatal error: GL3/gl3.h: No such file or directory
and when I look it up it says that it is something that comes with OpenGL 3.X am I right in assuming that X can’t be 0 and this is something that ought to be fixed by updating OpenGL if not where do I get it