Intel hd 3000 support of openGL

It looks like intel hd 3000 official drivers do not really support openGL of version greater than 3.1…

Anybody know how to overcome the obstacle?

I’m using a laptop with custom dell drivers installed,
if it matters anything…


Just use 3.1, I reckon. If it’s not in your driver you can’t do it.

The custom Dell drivers more often than not don’t include OpenGL support at all, but Intel have instructions for fixing that.


Apple managed to get 3.2 working on HD3000 and the docs of HD3000/HD2000 indicate to me, that the chip should be able to run 3.2 [1] but sadly, Intel does not provide 3.2 drivers yet.


Of course the chip can run 3.2. All the 3.x line is is DX10, and Intel HD-class hardware is DX10-capable.

This is just Intel not bothering with proper GL support, nothing more.

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