Intel GMA 4500MHD

I’m using a Dell Inspiron laptop with an integrated graphics accelerator, and I’m having performance issues with fairly simple OpenGL applications. (See my post here for more details on that.)

My GMA 4500MHD chipset boasts DirectX 10 support and OpenGL 2.0 capable. I’m wondering if maybe this graphics card is designed to work with Direct3d more than OpenGL, or if its just a bad graphics accelerator in general.

Welcome to the world of Intel graphics! :wink:

Don’t expect high performance out of your 4500 on any API. Intel’s drivers tend to work better with Direct3D rather than OpenGL on Windows. Their (open-source) Linux drivers also tend to be better at 3d than their Windows counterparts (more extensions etc).

One question: have you installed the latest drivers from Intel’s site? If not, you are getting Microsoft’s OpenGL emulation driver that renders either in software or via Direct3D emulation - and you really don’t want that.

Never get an Intel graphics card if you plan to do OpenGL development.

They drivers suck and I don’t expect the situation to ever improve.

Even the developer tools they are providing to developers are DirectX only.

yeah… too bad I wasn’t planning to do openGL programming when I bought my laptop! >.<

So basically its best suited for DirectX eh…

It will not work faster with Direct3D.

Whyz that, Zbuffer?

Because the underlying hardware has the capabilities of a Geforce 2 or so (and worse drivers to boot).