Integration Eclipse, QT and OpenGL

Hi all, I’ve a problem with QT and OpenGL in the IDE Eclipse.
I’ve downloaded the QT plugin for Eclipse and it works fine.
I made some projects with OpenGL and even these work fine.
The problem born when I try to put together QT an OpenGL

I choose to create a new QT project: File -> New -> QT Gui Project, assign a name and choose QMainWindow as UI Type. I import modules Core, Gui and OpenGL.

Here still no problem; when I try to follow this tutorial and I make the calls to the OpenGL functions I’ve a lot of errors like Type ‘glShadeModel’ could not be resolved.

This is my .pro file:

QT += core \
    gui \
HEADERS += MyPanelOpenGL.h \
SOURCES += MyPanelOpenGL.cpp \
    main.cpp \
FORMS += provaqtgl.ui

Where ProvaQTGL2 is the name of the project and MyPanelOpenGL is a calss that I created following the tutorial, it extends the class QGLWidget and it’s used to call OpenGL’s functions and draw the figure
I’m developing with QT 4.8.2 and Windows 7
Here you can find the project

Any suggestion?

Thanks a lot, Massimo