installtion problems in GLE

I downloaded GLE from . I extracted using winRar. there was no lib files. There was a project file and some C files. I loaded the project(all the C files are included in the project) and compiled it. It created “include” & “lib” directories and then it asked for executable file name. I don’t know what to do. so i pressed ‘Cancel’ button. I checked the ‘lib’ directory. There is only one file called gled.lib. when i tried to use a gle function the programme gets compiled. When i tried to run it it says link error. I tried adding gled.lib in link directories. But it says it can’t open. I tried installation 3 or 4 times. No change. I think it’s looking for some lib files. I tried to search using google. no luck.

How to tackle this problem?

thanks & Regards

What compiler do you use? It sounds like maybe VC++?

You got the prompt asking for an executable because the project compiles a static library.

Did you give the full path to the .lib?

What were the exact linker errors?

yes, I’m using VC++ 6.0
OS: Winnt

fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file “gled.lib”

(I tried with gled.lib because that’s the only lib file it generated)

thanks & Regards in advance

compiling the given C files only builds gled.lib.

Here is the details from readme.txt

This directory contains projects files for building
GLE with the Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Workspace.

Built libraries will be located in the lib-folder. The Debug-version is named gled.lib and the release-version gle.lib. Both are compiled using the run-time libraries “Debug Multithreaded DLL” and “Multithreaded DLL”.

When the library is built an include/GL directory will be created and the gle.h file from the src directory will be copied into it. To use the library in other projects add the directory …\gle\ms-visual-c\include to the include-directory list in Visual Studio in the Tools/Options/Directories settings

Guys, Anybody know how to install & use GLE

Yes. 1) Download glut for windows source code. It comes with vc++ workspaces and project files. 2) compile gle lib if lib is not there already.
3)Compile and run GLE demos.