Installing OpenGL|ES2.0 in Ubuntu 10.04


I have worked on OpenGL in Ubuntu 10.04 but I don’t know how to Install and work with OpenGL|ES 2.0 . Can anyone tell me how do I proceed with it. I really want to work with it.

At the moment, you don’t. The “ES” in OpenGL ES stands for “embedded systems”. And platforms running Ubuntu 10.04 aren’t embedded systems.

If you really want, you could use WebGL. This requires a WebGL-capable browser (current versions of FireFox and Chrome apply), but you’d also be limited to JavaScript.


Thanks for the suggestion but I have downloaded OpenGl-ES 2.0 SDK which gives a platform to work on Linux . There is also a user guide to install it in PC by unfortunately I am not able to do it.If you can tell me something about that I will be very thankful to you


Can you give some links to the SDK you downloaded as well as a link to the user guide you refer to?

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