Installing Mesa Debian

hi everyone !

I use Mesa under Red Hat Linux 9 and I could install it using the old-style installation (make linux-x86) because I installed all the development tools that this distro provides… but I still dont know which are the dependencies to install Mesa on Linux…

so I would like to know it because I want to use other distros… I tried to install Mesa on Debian and on Conectiva(brazilian distro) but the ¨make linux-x86¨ failed because I dont know the dependencies

so thats it !.. im sorry for my terrible english !..maybe its a stupid question but its because i started using linux recently…
thanks !


Why do you want to make mesa yourself? You can just install the needed packages. Also if you want to get hardware accel. mes won’t do. Just make sure you have the Xlibs and the xlibs-devel packages.

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