Installing glfw on Ubuntu 16.04


I’m very new to opengl. I found this nice tutorial: Setting up OpenGL and Creating a Window in C++ - YouTube

This video talks about how to install glfw on windows. He says what he’s doing is going to be cross platform. I want to follow along in my Ubuntu 16.04 but I’m having trouble setting up my environment. I can’t find a simple guide with simple steps. I don’t know much about cmake nor clang. I know a little about g++.

Actually the main problem might be that I’m also very new to c++. I’m planning to give some time to c++ but I can’t do that now. I have to work with opengl. Can someone give me a simple step by step guide for 16.04 of just what I need to install and how to compile?

I have an nvidia GTX770 card and I’m using nvidia drivers. What other information do I need to provide? Thx :smiley:


anyone? :dejection:


[li]Run your package manager (LINK), [/li][li]Tag the packages for glfw development (probably libglfw3 and libglfw3-dev) (LINK), and [/li][li]Click OK to install them. [/li][/ul]
Now you’re ready to compile and link programs which use GLFW.

I believe the following concrete command would be more helpful for a beginner:

sudo apt-get install libglfw3-dev libglfw3
It is highly likely that the asker would need gl3w, and then s/he doesn’t know the linking flags … but that’s a new question.

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