Installing GL in CW 6.0

I’m sure there are many CW users out there who wants to know how to successfully install OpenGL into their CW 6.0Pro. So somebody please lend a hand.

Muchos gracias!


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create new project. say for c console mac ppc.
find,and drag into main project window (‘apple 0’) these files.
these are the libs that gl needs.
then in
edit->my_project settings->access paths
now you should only need to add oned here. Add to system paths the path to OpenGL_1.0_SDK or whatever youve called it.
Next to save unexpected memory quits go to (on same panel) PPC Target and up the memory, multiply each by say 10.

Should all work now.


Hey… Just new to the BBB here and have CW 6 and all of the OpenGL info. and stuff but have not installed CW 6 yet and want to know if you guys have seen any documantation that comes with CW 6 that mentions the utilization of OpenGL? I don’t have my G3 right now just this floppy burn’n 5300c PowerBook.

Such as? But no I havn’t seen any,


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