What happens if a certain user of an OpenGL application doesn’t have OpenGL installed, is there any software on the internet that you would recommend for an (OpenGL) installation?

Well, i believe that when the use upgrades their video card drivers they get the latest opengl drivers with them. So just tell them to update their video card drivers! =) IF their video card maker does not package the latest opengl drivers with their card drivers, then try out glsetup (search google to find it…but it’s not compatible with windows XP…so i dunno what you would do if the video card maker doesn’t provide the latest opengl drivers and the user has XP =).

Hope I helped. Merry Christmas and have a good new year!

  • Halcyon

Base OpenGL functionality has been a part of Windows since the second release of Windows 95. So unless the user has an early version of 95, you can be pretty sure they have at least OpenGL 1.1 along with a few minor extensions that the Windows implementation supports.

yep if someone is running windows95 and up, they have some sort of Opengl. The 3D screen savers use Opengl. (wouldnt you think Microsoft would use its own DirectX???)