Installation without Glut

So, I’m new to OpenGL, and not really sure what I’m doing here. What I want to do is install OpenGL without Glut. Reason being, I am learning SDL for use in managing my application where GLUT would normally take control. IE: Window Managing, Events, looping applicaion, etc.

However, I can not seem to find a resource pertaining to installation of OpenGL without GLUT. I do not want the GLUT toolkit; just OpenGL and GLU.

How would I go about this installation on my Windows enviorment with MinGW + Code::Blocks?

Sidebar: Interestingly enough, Code::blocks seems to have the header files for OpenGL, GLU, and GLUT, but not the library files for OpenGL. :, and thus I get errors when compiling my applications.

This has nothing to do with glut.

You must configure your project to use gl/glu libs.
Something like -lgl or -lopengl32 etc.

Exactly. I don’t want to use GLUT, but I don’t know how to install JUST openGL/GLU.

You don’t have to install anything. OpenGL is installed on every Windows/MacOS/Linux box by default.

Once you install MinGW, you should already have OpenGL headers/libs under your MinGW folder. They comes along with MinGW packages.

Could I get away with just linking the glu.a library? Or is there actually an OpenGL.a lib?

Yes…The .dll’s are present on all modern OS’s, but I’m referring to the libraries required to compile an application.

Thank’s in advance.

I advice you to look through the MinGW libraries folder, there will be something like opengl32.a or similar…

You should see OpenGL libraries under “YourMinGW/lib” folder:
libopengl32.a : OpenGL lib
libglu32.a : GLU lib

And, the linker parameter for an OpenGL application should include:
-lglu32 -lopengl32 -lwinmm -lgdi32
(You can omit glu32 if you don’t use GLU functions in your code.)

Notice that winmm and gdi32 are also needed because you are building a Windows application.

Oh, I see the library now. Thank you very much. I must have just overlooked it previously.