Insane max point size on X1900 on Vista

I’ve just been fixing up some old code which renders MD5 models and to test things are ‘sane’ in previous iterations of the code (which all got trashed for various reasons) I used a point sprite to show where the light is at any given moment.

Now, I’ve managed to recover the point sprite based light file, plugged it into my code and yes, the point sprite was displayed… but it was HUGE!

Upon investigation it seem that glGetFloatv(GL_POINT_SIZE_MAX, &var) is returning 8192 as the max point size value.

Now, I’m not remotely convinced this is a sane value, if only because the last time I used this code the screen shots seem to indicate that the point sprite was much smaller.

The last time however was a few years back on WinXPx64 iirc and on a X800XT, I’m now on a X1900XT.

After some fiddling it would seem that 1024.0f for the ‘maxsize’ gives about the same size as my old point sprites.

So, I guess my question is am I looking at a driver bug or is 8192 a sane number to be getting for a max point size?

Why not? If the GPU is able to render points of the size 8192, then it should return this value as max point size. And from your description, it obviously can draw that large points.

Noone is forcing you to draw every point at max size :wink:


The point APPEARS huge, the size returned IS huge and you suspect a bug?

You’re the one contriving to draw a big point, the driver is simly obliging and it really is silly to get the result the driver reports and then suspect a driver bug.