Infinite Zoom

How do some 3D modelers make zooming in/out appear almost infinite?
And the rate of zooming appears almost constant, e.g. objects don’t suddenly explode, and zooming doesn’t stop to a crawl.

Often it is not a zoom but more a forward/backward travelling. Adjust the increment to be a fixed percentage of the current distance to view target.

How should this look if I zoom toward the origin (0,0,0)?

In some 3D modelers, it feels like it goes on forever. The only noticeable thing is the grid resizing itself over and over again.

You have camera position, and aiming point (such as 0,0,0).
Compute distance between both.
Now advance camera by 10% of distance, along the [position,origin] vector. Whatever the distance, it will feel like a continuous zoom, exactly what you want to do.