Incorrect wrist joint orientation with WMR hand tracking extension

I’m using the HP Reverb G2 controllers with the Windows Mixed Reality runtime to test the XR_EXT_hand_tracking extension. I noticed the wrist joint (XR_HAND_JOINT_WRIST_EXT) for the left hand is upside down (rotated 180 degrees about the Z axis). All the other joints and the wrist joint on the right hand look correct. I tested the same controllers with the SteamVR runtime, and the wrist joint on the left hand shows up correctly. I’ve also tested my implementation with the Oculus and Varjo runtimes with no issues.

Is this a known problem with the WMR runtime?

Hey! Thanks for the report. This issue was actually fixed in the v113 runtime that was released a little while ago, but which is still in Preview.

You can either wait for v113 to be promoted to stable, or you can download “OpenXR Tools for Windows Mixed Reality” from the Microsoft Store and enable Use latest preview runtime.

Hey there, I tried the latest preview runtime as you suggested and the hand tracking works like a charm now. Thanks!

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