Including glext with VS2012

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I’m in the process of switching from java (LWJGL) to VC++ with Visual Studio 2012. I’m having some problems with setting up the basic OpenGL references:
I need OpenGL 3.1+ support so I’m trying to include the glext.h file.

So I read that I just have to donwload the glext.h file and put it in the folder containing my gl.h and glu.h (gl). But when I’m trying to do this (and only this) I get a linker error when calling glGenBuffers(…). What else is required to get it working?
Sorry for this question but I’m very new to the whole C/C++ library system.

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[QUOTE=elfeck;1252206] I’m very new to the whole C/C++ library system.


If you’re new to C++, or don’t know how to use libraries in your working environment, or don’t know how to compile source code, or how to link object files, or how to use a C++ debugger, then you’re not ready for OpenGL. Please learn to walk before you try to run. The internet has more than enough resources to get you started with these basic topics. When programming in OpenGL, the C++ library system should be the least of your problems.

I agree with you. Knowledge of language basics is important and requirement for using a somewhat complicated library. Point is, I already am pretty “fluent” in OpenGL and just trying to port my framework it to another language.
Further I thought this was a OpenGL related question and I couldn’t find helpful information elsewhere. So just a hint or a quick answer would be really appreciated.


My reaction was in response to your apology for being “new to the whole C/C++ library system” which is a beginner’s remark. Glext.h does not load GL functions, but defines the GL symbols beyond GL 1.1. To use functions such as glGenBuffers(), you need to either use an OpenGL loading library such as GLEW, Gl3w, or GL Load, or use WGL to get the function pointers manually yourself. Details can be found at