#include <glm/glm.hpp> causes compile errors

I have a basic OpenGL program compiling and running fine, using Visual Studio 15.9.3.
If I add the line:

#include <glm/glm.hpp>

just as it suggests in the Getting Started Tutorial, then I get a huge number of compilation errors, the first one of which is:

Error (active) E2984 There are too many errors for the IntelliSense engine to function properly, some of which may not be visible in the editor.

What am I doing wrong?

Are you trying to include GLM headers from a C source file? GLM is C++; it cannot be used from C code.

Otherwise, you’ll need to show the first few errors. The one you quoted doesn’t give us any clue as to the underlying problem.

IntelliSense is a auto code completion tool and not a compiler. It gets confused really fast (at least that was the case when I last used Visual Studio). As GClements wrote, we need some more lines of error outputs that are not related to IntelliSense.

It seems that glm.hpp is interfering with some of the other header files. After some trial and error, I managed to re-arrange the include sequence to make it compile.