include animation of 3d object to GL code

Who can tell me the best way to include an animation of 3ds file into my OpenGL code? Is it possible anyway?

Yes, of course!

If you program uing GLUT you can use a callback function called glutIdleFunc() which is called while the program is Idle and there you may add code to, for example animate your 3D object (or 2D).

I want to know how to include an animated 3DS file into my openGL code and I want it to move as it could.

That’s not exactly an easy task. You’ll either have to find a library to use, learn the 3ds format, learn another format like ASC, or have the data exported in your own format. OpenGL doesn’t have a magic Load3dsAndAnimate function.

Basically, you need to load the data from the file yourself in some way and then use use that data to tell OpenGL how to render it.