Importing Textures

I am writing a cross platform 3D engine that I will hopefully some day make a game out of. Sense the program is cross platform, I need to find a way to import textures regardless of what system it is running on. I am trying to use QuickTime to do this sense it supports both Mac and Windows, supports 200+ types/compressors, and is well maintained. I know about the OpenGL QuickTime demo (Sample Code - WWDC22 - Apple Developer) but that is a bit complex considering my current programming knowledge. Are there any simplified examples of using QT to import pictures and/or movies to bind to polygons?

Why do you want to use Quicktime images? JPEGs, TGAs, PNGs, TIFFs, and GIFs are all easily cross platform.

Not QuickTime images. I just want to use the QuickTime API to import images in formats such as JPEG, TGA, PNG, TIFF, and GIF. I’m hoping that would allow me to import from multiple formats and eventually I hope to have animated textures without having to write too much more code but for right now I’m just worried about pictures. The QT functions by themselves are typically cross-platform right?

Hi there,

I think I got a solution for your texture importing problem. I programmed a tool two days ago which converts Macintosh PICT resources to textures. You just need this tool and a 12-line function in your source code to get the textures in fast. Mail me at and I’ll give you some instructions if you want.

You said you’re writing a 3D engine. Can you give me some help about object movement? (I’m a newbie)