importing maya models into opengl prog.

I am wanting to make an opengl bowling game. I was wanting to know if there was any way to export the model from Maya Personal Learning edition into my opengl program.

Look at Nate Robin’s tutorials… if you look at his code, you’ll see examples of how to use the GLM library to import .obj files.

Maya PLE? Nope, sorry you won’t be loading anything you create there in your programs. The only file format PLE will save to is its own format which you can’t load yourself.


I don’t know the difference between PLE and full versions, but if it’s possible to write your own scripts as with the full versions, you could write an exporter to your own format.

IIRC there was a text-exporter in MEL posted to this forum awhile ago. Search for it.

Thanks a lot. I was afraid that it wouldnt let you export anything. Ill see if I can find the MEL plugin that was mentioned.