Importing Files, Mouse/Keyboard Events

I’m working on a cross-platform game with a Windows user, while I’m on Mac OS 10. Is it possible to develop code so that it is entirely cross-platform? Specifically loading textures and models, and listening for mouse and keyboard events. I was planning to use OGRE but my team member thinks that would make things too easy…

Basically I’m just wondering if there’s a way to write entirely cross-platform code so that our efforts won’t be split…

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SDL ( and GLUT are both possible solutions. GLFW ( is another, though the Mac port is a work-in-progress (or not so much in progress, I haven’t touched it in months).

Yeah, GLUT isn’t a possibility as it seems to not like multiple simultaneous key events. SDL does look good, though documentation is a bit more scarce than I really like. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some examples for it eventually.

-Dogcow “moof!”

GLUT “likes” simultaneous key events just as much as any other event-driven API… you’ll get ups and downs at appropriate times, it’s up to you to store the state and react appropriately in your idle/display routines. What it doesn’t like is modifier keys.

Documentation on SDL is very good, and there are many examples out there. I assume from your statement you simply haven’t found

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