Import a .obj file using opengl


I’m new to opengl…i have tried many tutorials but still couldnt find a way to load an .obj file using opengl…please help me with this.

You are not really saying what your specific problem is, so I’m not sure what to do other than point out that there are tutorials that explain how to get started with OpenGL programming (see e.g. OpenGL wiki near the bottom of the page) and there is also info on the net how to read .OBJ.
If you are very new to OpenGL (and/or programming in general) I would suggest you don’t start with loading models from files (in whatever format), but work through some tutorials to get an idea how OpenGL works first.
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Well if you want something straight forward to load an .obj file you could use Nate Robin’s GLM. It’s an object file loader, been around for years, as stable as it gets.