Import .3ds in OGL-App & display it

I know that there are several threads in here which are about quite the same, but i still could´nt find an answer to my problem.
I just want to load a .3ds or .x or something like this in my game with a call like :
object = OpenFile(“file.3ds”);
and then in my render routine something like this:
Please help me! Has anybody a similar library or so??

This was posted over the week.

Other ideas. Nehe’s website has a tut. on opening milkshape models. The catch is, is that milkshape allows you to import 3ds files. So you could convert your 3ds file into milksahpe then use the nehe tut. to load your file in your app.

Or you could just get the source code from milkshape and look for the function that opens milkshape files and tweak it to work with 3ds files.

You better look at this:

Here is a good 3DS importer library thats do the nasty job for you…

Hey guys, i want a 3ds library too, so i took a look at that URL, but its only for delphi! ANy ideas?